Macedonian national anthem

"Today over Macedonia - Denes nad Makedonija
The song which was later chosen to be the National Anthem of Macedona, was composed by Todor Skalovski and the lyrics were written by Vlado Maleski in 1943.
Republic of Macedonia establishment

August 2th 1944 (As a federal republic in Yugoslavia).
Proclamation of independence of Macedonia

September 8th 1991 (Yugoslavia's fall apart).
Membership of Macedonia

United Nations - since April 8th 1993;
World Trade Organisation - since April 4th 2003;
NATO - gained invitation on April 3th 2008. Not admitted due to the Greek veto;
EU - awaiting invitation;
Macedonia major destinations

    Skopje (467,000)
    Bitola (80,000)
    Kumanovo (71,000)
    Prilep (68,000)
    Tetovo (60,000)
    Ohrid (51,000)

    Veles (48,000)
    Gostivar (46,000)
    Stip (42,000)
    Strumica (35,000)
    Gevgelija (11,000)

    Mavrovo ski resort
    Popova Sapka ski resort
    Kozuf ski resort

Language in Macedonia

Macedonian (uses the Cyrillic script).
Macedonian Currency

Macedonian Denar (MKD), since April 26th 1992.
Location of Macedonia

South-Eastern Europe, central part of the Balkan peninsula.
Terrain in Macedonia

Mountainous territory covered with deep basins and valleys; three large lakes (Ohrid, Prespa and Dojran), each divided by a frontier line; country bisected by the Vardar River.
lowest point: Vardar River 44 m
highest point: Golem Korab 2.764 m
Climate in Macedonia

Warm, dry summers and autumns; relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.
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